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What is dental bonding or cosmetic filling?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that can repair a chipped tooth or instantly improve its color or shape. A resin material is applied on the tooth and then exposed to a special light that “bonds” it to the teeth.

What can cosmetic dental fillings fix?

Cosmetic fillings are like smile makeovers! They fill in a decaying tooth, repair a chip or crack, close a small gap between teeth, or make tooth look whiter or longer. It can also protect a tooth root that’s been exposed by receding gums. Dental bonding can also be used with TEETH WHITENING to correct yellowing and discoloration.
Dr. Firas Osman uses Digital Smile Design technology to transform your teeth and overall facial appearance. The technology measures and takes pictures of your teeth and face. From there, you get personalized recommendations on the dental bonding and veneers you can use. In DSMC, he also offers very thin veneers called Lumineers. These are strong but as thin as a contact lens, so they look and feel natural.
In some cases, cosmetic fillings and veneers can correct very mild orthodontic problems, so you can get a straighter-looking teeth without braces. Ask Dr. Firas Osman for a personalized consultation to see if you’re a candidate!

What happens during dental bonding procedure?

Your dentist selects a shade of composite resin that matches the rest of your teeth. He then prepares the tooth surface by roughing it and then applying a special liquid that will help the resin adhere.
The resin is molded and smoothed down to the desired shape, and then set with UV light or laser. Once it’s hard, your dentist will trim, shape and polish it so it looks as natural as possible.