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What are the crowns and bridges used for in dentistry?

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What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are used to repair, reinforce and protect weak or broken teeth. Think of them as a customized shield. They fit over the damaged tooth so it doesn’t get cracked or fractured when you chew. It usually covers the area of tooth that is exposed above the gums. Sometimes, these are called dental caps, tooth caps, or tooth jackets.
Crowns can be made out of metal alloys, or more natural-looking materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and zirconium.

How are dental crowns different from dental fillings?

Dental fillings will seal a part of the tooth, but doesn’t improve the tooth’s overall strength. Also, fillings are placed directly into your tooth. Dental crowns are custom-made in a dental laboratory, based on a mold that your dentist made of your teeth.

When are dental crowns usually used?

Dentists often recommend this treatment when a tooth has gone through a lot of deterioration because of tooth decay or root canal. In some cases, they can also use this for cosmetic purposes. Since crowns have a customized color and shape, they can act like an instant smile makeover, hiding a chip or uneven teeth to create the appearance of a perfect smile.

What are dental bridges?

Bridges are artificial teeth that are permanently cemented into place. These are customized to fit in gaps from missing teeth, and look as natural and realistic as the ones you were born with. Dental bridges are usually made from metal, porcelain, ceramic, or zirconium.

When are dental bridges usually used?

Bridges not only restore your smile – improving your appearance and confidence – but can also prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of their position. These also make eating, speaking and chewing easier, especially if several teeth are missing.

Are dental bridges hard to take care of?

Unlike dentures these can’t be removed for cleaning. However, they are generally easy to maintain with your regular oral hygiene. The only extra step you may need to take is to spend more time flossing underneath the bridge, much as you would floss between teeth. Your dentist will show you how to do this.

What’s the difference between dental bridges and dental implants?

Dental bridges may require some restructuring of the surrounding teeth to accommodate the fitting of the bridge. Nowadays, dentists recommend dental implants as a much better solution.