“Bone Augmentation Creates A Strong Foundation For Dental Implants”


What is bone augmentation?

These are procedures used to rebuild your bones to prepare it for dental implants. You may need this if your bones have become worn done by gum disease, prolonged use of dentures, defects in tooth, injury and trauma to the face, or tooth lost/extracted long ago.

How do dentists rebuild my bone?

You will be given a bone graft, a very safe procedure where your dentist inserts bone into the area and anchors it with titanium screws. Your jawbone will grow and fuse with the bone, fusing with it in a natural process.

What materials are used?

If you prefer natural bone, your dentist can harvest this from the surrounding bones. If you do not have sufficient bone in that area, you can also get it from other areas which will follow with accelerated healing process using techniques such as A-PRF, PRP, PRF, CGF, i-PRF.

If you prefer synthetic bone, you have the options of cow bones, artificial materials like TCP, sea algae, human donor, or tricalcium phosphate.

Are all dentists qualified to do bone augmentation?

Bone augmentation needs the skills and experience of a qualified and licensed dental surgeon. Dr. Firas has performed this procedure many times. To read more about his background, read About Me